For over 113 years of Van Waay

Van Waay Benthuizen dates back to 1900. In 1799 the name Van Waay came in the registers for. Arie 2 born in 1832 was tailor and his son Arie 3 started a manufacturing town shop. He went with yarn, elastic band and with his dogcart past the houses in South Holland. Son Cornelis was a businessman and threw to the helm. It was a humble beginning with the sale of furniture, curtains and carpeted floors. Also he went like that when was common along the doors with his trade. He quickly knew if someone was getting married, you have to be at Van Waay. The business went so well that in 1937 a large showroom was built what the Foundation was for van Waay Interior.

In 1960, son William in the shop. Also son Arie came five years later in the shop. In 1980 the brothers built a modern shop in opposite to the existing shop. Modern furniture pieces were presented. In 1989, the doors of the clothing store closed in 1990 and is in the same building a sleep shop realized. In 2000 is the whole Van Waay firm moved to the outside edge of Benthuizen. Everything under one roof, classical, modern, sleep, soft furnishings and the warehouse.

In 2003, the son of Arie van Waay, came Corne van Waay in the shop. In 2006 a piece to the shop was built causing a Bulthaup kitchen studio is realized. As of 1 January 2014, there is also an outdoor garden furniture shop established "Sissinghurst outdoor".

Van Waay continues to build an inspirational store!

Last year we build a special part with a lot of different Leolux furniture, what is called ‘Leolux Select store’.